SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 12/2003

Field Element Controller Platform for Safety Related Railways Applications

December 2003 | Ana Romera, Gema Parro

The Field Element Controller (FEC) platform (Alcatel 6191 LockTrac) is the standard platform inside the Alcatel Electronic Interlockings portfolio for controlling the trackside elements in railway applications. The Field Element Controller Platform is applied for the main lines and urban rail interlocking market segments. It is valid for the highest safety level applications (SIL 4) in the two redundant computers architecture that FEC offers: 2-out-of-2 (2oo2) and 2-out-of-3 (2oo3) computing modes. The role of the FEC platform inside the interlocking is to provide a serial communication interface to receive commands to execute a switching of an outdoor element and to send the information related to the state of the outdoor equipment. Also FEC implements the parallel connection interface to the outdoor equipment.