SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 12/2020

Balise technology in practice at DB Netz AG

December 2020 | Timo Schygulla, Jens Reißaus, Polina Gamm, Patrick Hoffmeister, André Totzauer-Stange

Since The Eurobalise at DB Netz AG SIGNALL ING+DATA COMMUNICATION special issue [1] was published in October 2015, the number of Eurobalises at DB Netz AG has increased more than tenfold due to a wide variety of projects being commissioned. This article will inform readers of what the different application systems have been like in practice and what particular challenges have had to be overcome in qualifying, installing and maintaining the products in question. It will also provide information about the related processes, specifications and regulations at DB Netz AG, some of which have been newly drafted...

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