SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 10/2015

Night-vision device for railway vehicles for improving safety

October 2015 | Alexander Forth, Falko Zamjatnins

Given the current state of the art, in conditions of poor visibility, especially at night and when trains are running at moderate-to-fast speeds, there is no possibility for drivers to recognise obstacles on the track in adequate time. Even when the train’s headlights are switched to their long-distance beam, they only illuminate a limited distance. With the train protection systems in use at present, it is not possible to recognise people, animals and obstacles, such as fallen trees, on railway tracks. It is part of train drivers’ job to observe the line ahead. They can, however, only do that to a limited extent at night or in adverse weather conditions. After storms, trees are repeatedly left lying on the tracks, which leads to accidents, especially in the dark. Thales Trackview is a night-vision device for railway vehicles, which improves safety very considerably and helps avoid collisions and other damage.