SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 12/2021

The railway IP network as the key for the digitalisation of the railways

December 2021 | Eike Seidler, Brenda Reichert, Christian Kittler

One of the key approaches to achieving the goals of the German federal government’s climate protection plan by 2050 involves shifting traffic to the railways [ 1 ] . The main prerequisite for this comprises the expansion of the German rail network’s capacity. In addition to expanding the routes, this can also be achieved by optimising the rail network’s utilisation. Digitalisation is an indispensable measure used to achieve optimisation. Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has bundled innovative technologies, such as the European Train Control System (ETCS), Digital Interlocking Systems (DSTW), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and the integrated Control and Operating System (iLBS) in the “Digital Rail Germany” (DSD) program [ 2 ] ....

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