Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau | Issue Int. Edition 2/2018

Quiet, clean, fast: use of MTU hybrid drives on the Lake Constance belt railway

September 2018 | Ingo Lehmann, Dragan Nedic, Benjamin Oszfolk

The Lake Constance belt railway (in German: Bodenseegürtelbahn) is the only rail link between the east and west of the lake. The line is used not only for regional services, but also for the international Ulm–Basel connection, and in Friedrichshafen it links with the Württemberg Southern Railway (Südbahn) towards Ulm. Electrification of the Südbahn is already in progress and scheduled for completion by 2023. Electrification of the Lake Constance belt railway, however, has been a subject of constant debate for some years now....