SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 03/2019

SBB Swiss Federal Railways have joined the openETCS Foundation e.V.

March 2019 | Editor

SBB was officially welcomed as the 18th member of the Foundation, on February 18th. Earlier, colleague railway operators and operators’ interest groups like Rail Delivery Group (UK), DB AG (Germany), NS (Netherlands), SNCF (France), industrial partners e.g. AEbt, Clearsy, Formal Mind and Railergy and a number of individual railway experts became member of the association. The main objective of the openETCS Foundation e.V. is the application of open source licensing prin-ciples to critical software components in railway safety (ETCS) and railway automation applications in particular on the vehicle side, enabling cost sharing developments among partners, avoiding vender lock-in situations with particular suppliers by opening up a free software service market for updates, upgrades and future versions....