SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 10/2002

Driver-dispatch System for the Hamburg S-Bahn

October 2002 | Bernhard Mrochen

The use of CCTV systems in mainline rail and urban transportation systems makes it possible to implement a rational train dispatching system offering a high degree of safety on station platforms. In the past, CCTV technology has proved to be especially successful in central dispatching systems in the suburban and underground rail sectors; the characteristic features of both sectors being short intervals between trains and a high volume of passengers. The next logical step is the driver- dispatch system of the future. The train driver obtains part of the information required for the train dispatching procedure by means of wireless video transmission. Up-to-date video information about what is happening on the platform is transmitted from the CCTV cameras installed on the platform to the monitors in the driver cab. This system offers economic advantages in terms of a reduction in the number of personnel required for train dispatching and, more importantly, it increases the level of passenger safety.