SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 06/2006

Az LM as a replacement for single section axle counters

Juni 2006 | Alan Knight, Günter Poppe

Alcatel’s axle counters Az65SEL, AzL 70 and AzL 70-30 have been in use with Deutsche Bahn (DB) in large numbers (approx. 6.000 sections) since the sixties until the present day. The worlds first electronic axle counter Az65SEL was discontinued decades ago. Since the end of 2005 AzL 70-30 is no longer being offered for re-signalling projects. Az LM, which is an economically scalable multi-section axle counter, is now being delivered instead. This article describes how Az LM is used in existing Az65SEL, AzL 70 or AzL 70-30 installations for the purpose of replacement or for extensions of the installation.

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