SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 10/2006

LOCOTROL RCL – An integrated Locomotive System Solution

Oktober 2006 | David Kirchner, Dietrich Küspert

The GE LOCOTROL® RCL system is the only remote control locomotive (RCL) system to receive certification to CENELEC standard EN 50239 for its integration within the locomotive and complete homologation of the locomotive providing a system solution from one supplier. The innovative precision speed control makes for an intelligent RCL system that reduces safe-ty incidents and accidents resulting from operator error. The ergonomic design of the system is user-friendly, which minimizes training for the RCL operators. The system provides two-way communications to the operator through visual text messages displayed on the OCU and various LEDs and audible alarms to provide feedback to the operator. The end result is that the operator always knows the actual state of the RCL equipped locomotive using this operator feedback methodology. Any LOCOTROL RCL OCU can link to any other LOCOTROL RCL equipped locomotive providing maximum flexibility to the railroad to optimize asset utilization. More than 100 software configurable parameters allow the customer to adapt the configuration of the RCL system to meet the requirements of each railroad and different yards within each railroad, eliminating costly software changes.