SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 09/2007

MISTRAL – Short- and mid-term rolling stock rostering for NMBS-SNCB

September 2007 | Alexander Geistler, Wim Vermeulen

Bombardier Transportation, together with the Belgian national railway company NMBS-SNCB, has developed an efficient software solution for planning rolling stock rotation plans. The development focused, firstly, on supporting the user with short and mid-term rostering changes and, secondly, on connecting to existing planning systems and other external applications. The rostering is available to several users at the same time, and rotation plan integrity is guaranteed by efficient access rights and data management. With the data model used, different rostering horizons can be covered from a few days up to several months in advance. Moreover, in a simple and efficient manner, alternative rotation plans can also be implemented and saved for use at a later date. This is of particular interest when taking account of maintenance work, as this increasingly often requires very short-term, but mostly extensive changes to rotation plans.