SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 07-08/2007

Digital convergence in trainborne information systems

August 2007 | Valentin Scinteie

Digital convergence is a buzzword that has been circulating in the telecom industry for decades. Although the development of truly meaningful practical applications initially occurred at a snail’s pace, the potential of digital convergence is finally being realized – at dizzying speed. Regarding the passenger rail industry more specifically, digital convergence also has the potential of revolutionizing the way things are done, and, if properly implemented, can be a boon to both operators and passengers. The prospect of implementing a digitally converged passenger information and security system may seem daunting to rail operators and has been the source of much FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – among the uninitiated. This article will help dispel the myths surrounding digital convergence and explain how it can be useful for your rail passenger operations.