SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 03/2010

Modular STMs as an element of the migration strategy to ETCS

March 2010 | Clemens Heilig, Joerg Altmeier

As part of the Bombardier EBI Cab 2000 product family, Specific Transmission Modules (STMs) play a crucial role in the integration of the new ETCS (European Train Control System) with currently installed, country specific train control systems, such as LZB and PZB (in Germany and Austria), ATB (in the Netherlands), and RSC/SCMT (in Italy). The STMs allow for downward compatibility of ETCS vehicle equipment with systems that have been in use for decades. In the following, the development of an STM for ATB-EG (first-generation automatic train control system for the Netherlands) will be described, along with other train control systems for which STMs have been or are being developed.