SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 10/2020

The extension and renewal of the Regiobahn CCS and OCS

October 2020 | Klaus Finken, Detlef Bahr

Regiobahn GmbH is a railway infrastructure manager owned by the City of Düsseldorf, the City of Kaarst, Kreis Mettmann, Rhein Kreis Neuss, Wuppertaler Stadtwerke and Stadtwerke Neuss (fig. 1). The Regiobahn tracks have had to be equipped with a new command and control system – CCS (a ZSB 2000 digital interlocking and BUES 2000 level crossing technology) as well as a new operations control system – OCS (TravisMetro). Scheidt & Bachmann has taken on this project as the general contractor (CCS, OCS, civil engineering, building construction ...)...