SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 01-02/2012

Development and implementation of a new signal system in Finland

Februar 2012 | Jari Viitanen

A new signal type has been developed to be used in the Finnish rail network. The signal can combine three present signals or functions in the same signal: main, distant and shunting signal. It may also include two or only one of them. In the best case, moving from the present signalling system to the use of the new signal can reduce the number of light units can be reduced from 11 to 7. This means cost savings in construction and cabling. Some signal aspects have been modified and the new LED technology has been adopted, as well as flashing lights for the distant signal and blue light for the “no aspects” aspect of the shunting signal. The case and mast of the signal are very slim, which makes it possible to avoid the use of signal bridges or cantilever signal bridges in nearly all installations. The new system has been developed by a project team led and financed by the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA). Proxion Oy has acted as the project consultant.