SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 09/2014

Completion of the Finnish Specific Transmission Module paves the way for ERTMS roll-out

September 2014 | Aki Härkönen, Johan Bernin

The migration to ERTMS/ETCS has taken a major step forward in early 2014, when Ansaldo STS Sweden AB finalized the on-board STM (Specific Transmission Module) development project for the Finnish ATP-VR / RHK. ETCS+STM on-board equipment can now be installed in the coming new electric Siemens Vectron locomotives and the rolling stock migration to ERTMS/ETCS can pave the way for the future trackside migration. Immature European specifications were the main cause for the delay of the Finnish STM development project, causing extra redevelopment work during the process. The successful finalization of the project and future vehicle deliveries will enable the Finnish Transportation Agency to launch the ERTMS/ETCS trackside migration.