ETR – Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau | Ausgabe International/2017

Digitisation of the industry supplying the railways is advancing at full speed

September 2017 | Ben Möbius

Digitisation is creating the best rail mobility that there ever was: causing less harm to the climate than ever before, even safer, even more economic, even quieter and even more comfortable. That is the aim that the companies in Germany supplying the railways are setting out fulfil with their technologies. It is at all times human beings who are at the heart of this digital revolution in mobility; it is they who are benefitting from the technical progress of “Rail 4.0” through participation in society and sustainable mobility. A need for totally new mobility concepts More and more people throughout the world are yearning for sustainable mobility in their everyday lives. The threat of total gridlock in numerous metropolises, the frustration of searching in vain for a parking spot and the unbearable smog – all of that is making new mobility concepts indispensable wherever in the world we happen to be. What is more, digital rail “made in Germany” is able to deliver such concepts. With ever greater comfort and convenience. The capacities of “S-Bahn” trains running automatically, for instance, can be adapted in real time to match the effective demand. A simpler way of putting that is: railway running when customers need them.