SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 06/2020

Update on the proposal for improvements of the ETCS braking curves

June 2020 | Jakub Marek, Ivo Myslivec, Michal Bubeník, Bohumil Drápal

This article provides some corrections of printing errors of the authors’ preceding article about the improvements of the ETCS braking curves published in SIGNAL+DRAHT (112) 3/2020, especially Fig. 2 and formula (2), as well as some new developments. The authors introduce their new idea about indications for the driver displayed via Driver-Machine Interface (DMI) of the ETCS on-board. The present article also reflects on this and thus is more operationally focused. Also; the possibility of how to reduce the brake build up time, which helps when the required speed decrease is small, is mentioned...