SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 01-02/2018

The Digitisation of Operations Control and Signalling Technology – part 1

February 2018 | Roland Albert

The 17th international congress on the topic of the “Digitisation of Operations Control and Signalling Technology” in Fulda has led to a significant amount of feedback and inquiries. The range of the feedback evidently reflects the significance which the participants have ascribed the discussed topics in relation to the future viability of the railway sector. The publisher has therefore decided to take this increased interest into account by making somewhat more extensive and longer summaries of the congress lectures available to its readers. This number 1+2/2018 of the magazine primarily presents the essence of the seven lectures from the first conference day, while the next number 3 of the magazine will present summaries of the seven lectures from the second conference day. Digitisation is the word of the hour. While information technology predominantly served the purposes of automation and optimisation in the previous century, disruptive technologies and innovative business models have come to the forefront since the beginning of the 21st century.