SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 01-02/2009

Training Simulator BEST at Infrabel, Belgium

Februar 2009 | Erik Devriendt, István Hrivnák, Norbert Bolln, Yves Werner

Infrabel, the Belgium railway infrastructure manager, aims to operate the complete Infrabel network by means of computerized control centres by the end of 2012. To reach this goal, qualified training of the staff isessential. Due to the fact that the existing training infrastructure no longer meets the requirements of the current situation, Infrabel is introducing a new simulator system. The EBP control system, which has been developed by Siemens Belgium, has been connected with BEST, an interlocking and train traffic simulator, which has been developed by Funkwerk Information Technologies and Tran-SYS. In the next phase, each control centre is to be equipped with a Training Simulator mirroring the exact configuration of its control area.