SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 10/2020

Level crossing protection using “MIRA” – GFR approval and cross acceptance at DB AG

Oktober 2020 | Klaus Herbst, Björn Schöning

Nowadays, level crossings with full barrier closures are increasingly monitored by obstacle detection (Gefahrenraumfreimeldung – GFR) systems. These systems are used throughout Europe under similar conditions. Progress Rail Inspection & Information Systems has thus developed a new radar-based GFR system called MIRA (Multi Inspection Radar Appliance) with the aim of deploying this system at various rail operators in Europe. This experience report looks at the NTZ process (New Type Approval) in Germany and the application of cross acceptance under the precondition of an existing system approval in Italy with the operator RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana)....