SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 11/2015

Cost efficiency analysis of the satellite based train control system 3InSat in Germany

November 2015 | Benedikt Scheier, Florian Brinkmann, Uwe Wendland, Anja Bussmann

DB Netz AG is aiming at cost effective alternatives to conventional train control systems on low density lines. For this purpose, the cost efficiency of the 3InSat system – a satellite-based platform for train protection – is analysed by comparing the net present value of equipment cost for 3InSat with the alternative systems ERTMS-Regional, ETCS Level 2 without lineside signals and conventional signalling. From the results it can be told that 3InSat offers a cost saving potential, mainly due to the fact that physical Eurobalises can be replaced by virtual balises.