Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau | Issue International/2017

Dynamic track deflection measurements in Gotthard Basis Tunnel

September 2017 | Walter Stahl

During the trial and test operation the elastic track deflection behaviour of the slab track systems in the Gotthard Base Tunnel were evaluated under operation conditions. The start of operation in Gotthard Basis Tunnel GBT Already in spring 2014 tests have been commenced on behalf of the final client AlpTransit Gotthard AG in a completely finished test section in the Western tunnel of “Faido-Bodio”, before the main track and fitting work started. The interaction of the various technical components should be examined, which are necessary for the operation of the tunnel. In the 17km long test section the trains ran with a speed of up to 220km/h and among others, the interaction of the catenary and pantograph in the tunnel was focused. During these tests the first dynamic track deflection measurements have been performed by the Chair and Institute of Road, Railway and Airfield Construction of the Technical University Munich.