SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 03/2020

19 more ICE 1 trains get ETCS

März 2020 | Redaktion

Alstom has received an order from Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) to retrofit 19 additional ICE 1 high-speed trains with the latest ETCS signalling standard. The retrofitting work, worth more than €10 million, is to be completed by September 2021. The project is a follow-up order for the ICE 1, of which Alstom has already retrofitted 39 trains for the commissioning of the VDE 8 high-speed line between Berlin and Munich. Passenger numbers have more than doubled since the high-speed line was opened. The contract covers the development, design and manufacture of the ETCS Level 2 Baseline 3 digital signalling system as well as its installation, connection to existing train control systems and commissioning....