SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 10/2007

Axle Counter Communication over GSM-R

Oktober 2007 | Alan Knight, Kjell Holter, Thomas Solleder

With the introduction of digital transmission networks on railways, the manufacturers of signalling equipment are taking on the challenge of developing system concepts and equipment interfaces in their products which are suitable for data communication on these complex networks. This article describes the status of the technical concepts and the RAMS considerations when using GSM-R as a transmission system for the Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GmbH (previously part of Alcatel) axle counter equipment Az LM in Norway. An initial concept was tested in two stations near Trondheim in order to verify the feasibility of using GSM-R for this purpose. Based on the experience gained in this trial, changes were made to the system concept for the final system. The architecture of this technical concept and the methodology used in the safety case for open transmission systems are described.