SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 11/2004

New wheel detectors for switching and indication functions

November 2004 | Axel Heilmann, Lutz-Helge Radwan

The newly developed Wheel Sensor Relay (WSR) and Wheel Sensor Single (WSS) Wheel Detectors from Siemens are used for the initiation and normalisation (strike-in and strike-out) of level crossings and to perform switching and indication functions in interlockings and hump yards. The WSS Wheel Detector is also used to indicate trailed points. The particular challenges of eddy-current brakes, as they were first used in the ICE 3, are fully overcome by the two wheel detectors. The new WSR and WSS Wheel Detectors replace intermittent track-installed switching devices and earlier types of wheel sensor from Siemens which have been in use for decades. The WSR Wheel Detector replaces the MK Magnetic Wheel Detector, the WSSB-Impulsgeber (pulse generator) and S44 Rail Treadle. The WSS Wheel Detector replaces the RSE Wheel Sensor.