SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 03/2021

Digital node Stuttgart: Thales supplies infrastructure equipment

März 2021 | Redaktion

As part of the "Digital Rail Germany (DSD)" starter package, Deutsche Bahn is equipping the Stuttgart region with a digital interlocking (DSTW), the European Train Control System (ETCS) and automated train operation with driver (ATO GoA2). The project "Digitaler Knoten Stuttgart" (digital node Stuttgart), led by Thales, is part of the DSD programme, which aims, among other things, to increase the capacity of the rail network by up to 20 %. The contract with a volume of around EUR 127 million includes the construction of the digital interlocking, the installation of ETCS, preliminary work for the implementation of track-side automated operation and the Capacity & Traffic Management System (CTMS), a technical and operating site, well over 6,000 balises, over 1,300 axle counting points and around 650 point machines....