SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 11/2021

Level crossings communicate with road traffic – installing and retrofitting Rail2X technology

November 2021 | Jan Ahlswede, Jens Braband, Robert Busse, Julien Gerber

Future-proof digitalisation provides the basis for dependable safety and security at level crossings and is an absolute prerequisite for punctual, trouble-free rail operations in the coming decades. Innovative digital level crossing technologies promise benefits for rail and road traffic alike. This article explains the new functions that can be realised using the “digital warning cross” and describes the added value they bring to road traffic convenience and safety. The cornerstone of this approach involves communication and networking between the automated rail infrastructure and road users, which is generally referred to as Vehicle2X (V2X) communication or as Rail2X communication, when the focus is on the rail system as in this case....