SIGNAL+DRAHT | Ausgabe 05/2019

Live dialogues: high efficiency – maximum usability

Mai 2019 | Torsten Vogel

Contemporary GUI toolkits make it possible to design user-centric dialogues. However, a continuous connection to the process which provides or modifies the data is rare and this can have serious consequences. PSI Transcom is tackling this problem with clear advantages for its users. “Sorry, someone beat you to it.” This is a sentence which everyone, who books trips online or makes purchases on portals, has probably seen at some time to their great annoyance. This is completely understandable, because it is not uncommon to see this after spending what felt like an eternity clicking through a complex dialogue and entering a great deal of data and information without receiving any signal as to the fact that the offer is no longer valid and that the information is a waste of time....