SIGNAL+DRAHT | Issue 07-08/2020

The ZSB 2000 ILS adapter: migrating old interlocking systems to a DSTW via the SCI-ILS

August 2020 | Michael Kammann, Thomas Hamblock, Torsten Steinhöfel

Terms such as “Digitale Schiene Deutschland” (Digital Rail for Germany), “NeuPro” (the German project for harmonising the interfaces between foreign interlocking and level crossing systems and the field elements), “DSTW” (the digital interlocking system), “Serien-Rollout” (serial rollout), “Flächenrollout” (large-scale rollout) and “ILS-Adapter” (ILS adapter) will influence everyday rail operations and remain with us for the foreseeable digital future. The following article provides information about the NeuPro SCI-ILS system interface between DSTW and existing old-technology interlockings (NSTW, neighbour interlocking system) of different designs, as well as the ILS adapter which provides a link between interlockings....

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